Redesign ZOOM

for a learning platform

Tools / Sketch, Adobe Xd
Roles /  UX
Durations / 1 Week
Years /  February 2021

About The Project

Identify problems the tutor or students are having using Zoom as a teaching platform and design a solution. 

The Problem

  • The students can not interact well with the tutor during the course

  • The chat is used by anyone for any purpose so a lot of information can get lost

Design Challenge

  • Improve interaction between tutor and students

  • Improve filtering of the chat area

Solution Approach

  • Adding a poll feature to enable the lecturer to make poll questions or opinion polls to improve tutor-student interaction and student attention

  • Adding a filtering feature for the chat area

  • Students ask questions to the tutor

  • Students discuss with each other

  • Students answer questions asked by the tutor

  • Students give feedback to the tutor

  • The tutor and students can share files and link

How is the chat feature used
in a teaching environment ? 


40, Male


  • Successfull giving lecture to students.

    Instantly getting feedback on the learning process

  • Simplify and accelerate interaction processes


  • No feedback-system to check if students can follow and understand the current topic and its contents

  • The chat is difficult to track because it is used by many students for many different purposes

During the lecture, I can only get student feedback from the message board.



25, Male


  • Learn as effectively as having class at the university

  • Being able to interact with the tutor to keep focus 


  • It is difficult to keep concentration for a long time

  • ​It is difficult to find a specific message as messages are frequently added

After 20 minutes, it's difficult to keep the focus on the lecture.

User Scenario


Tutor and Students


During the 90 minutes long course the tutor wants to have an effective lecture that keeps the students focused and engaged by being interactive

user scenario.png


Gives Introduction

To The Topic

User Goal

  • Tutor
    - Explain the learning content.

  • Students
    - Get motivation to the topic


  • Tutor
    - Zoom doesn't support direct file sharing


The First Stage Of Teaching

(around 30 mins)

User Goal

  • Tutor
    - Teach new content to students

  • Students
    - Stay focused and understand the lecture


  • Tutor
    - It is very difficult to give the lecture and constantly supervise the chat at the same time
    - Prior asked questions are pushed back by constantly added new messages



Get Feedback From The First Stage Of Teaching 

User Goal

  • Tutor
    - Keep students engaged and evaluate their learning process

  • Students
    - Check their learning progress and continue to stay focused


  • Tutor & Students
    - The chat is getting spammed by answers to questions, making it difficult to track it

  • Tutor
    - Difficult to determine the consensus of the students


Reply Timely And Explain The Answer To The Students

User Goal

  • Tutor
    - Reply timely to all questions

  • Students
    - Getting feedback on topics they didn't understand or are unsure about


  • Tutor
    The feedback is inaccurate because the students answers might influence each other


The Second Stage Of Teaching

(around 30 mins)

User Goal

  • Tutor
    - Teach new content to students

  • Students
    - Stay focused and understand the lecture


  • Tutor
    Can't check if students are still engaged and focused

  • Students
    Find it harder to stay focused


Get Feedback From The Lecture

User Goal

  • Tutor
    Evaluate the effectiveness of the lecture

  • Students
    Have an understanding of the content / Want to finish the lecture as soon as possible.


  • Tutor
    Lost interest of the audience

  • Students
    Lost focus or couldnt understand all contents

How Might We?

Help The Tutor To Confirm The Students Learning Effectiveness.

Use a poll to answer the tutors' questions

  • Acquire a quick accurate and representative result 

  • Chat are is not getting spammed by answers

  • The responses of students are not influenced by eachother

Improve the students learning effectiveness

An interactive and engaging lecture helps the students to keep focussing on the lecture

  • The tutor can create a poll to determine the general opinion of the audience or test their knowledge

  • Creating a dedicated poll feature greatly decreases execution time and takes functionality off the overused chat function

User Flow 1

The tutor creates polls before the lecture

User Flow 2

During the lesson the tutor can edit or publish the poll

User Flow 3

The tutor and the students filter the content of the chat

User Flow 4

During the lesson students can participate in published polls

Hi-Fi Prototype

The tutor creates Polls

The tutor publishes and edits a poll

The students vote on the poll and can view the results