Insurance Broker

Support System

Tools / Sketch, Zeplin
Roles / UX, Usability Testing
Durations / 3 Weeks
Years /  December 2020

Redesign User Interface


About The Project

Redesign the interface of the product and improve the user experience.

The Problem

The product does not have a responsive web design. Therefore, users have a terrible user experience whilst using the product on mobile. 

Design Challenge

Define UI and UX's most significant product problems and conduct usability testing to find a better solution.

Design Process

Define the biggest problems in the product.

Create some concepts that might solve those problems.

Make Prototypes and Test them to get the result.

Implement it and put it in the real world.

Define Problems

During the project, I pick some pages that most users use and define what we can improve about UX and UI on those pages.

There are three pages which the users use a lot.

  • the page for adding customer information

  • the page for searching clients

  • the page for searching commodity policy

The biggest problem is the product needs to have a responsive web design. Depending on the context, users usually use the product on different devices. 

Also, I define there are others the four main problems:

  • Due to too many information on one page,  the users feel frustrated.

  • The layout of the form is difficult to read.

  • The priority of the field does not have a good order.  

  • The sign of the required field does not place correctly.  

Context Utilisation

Depending on the situations, users use the product on different devices. 
Define the three principal circumstances.

Using the Computer

Users manage client policy and client information.

Using the Pad

Users meet their clients. They usually use the iPad to interact with their clients.

Using the Mobile

Users can quickly check some policy and client information.


Based on those problems, I create some solutions to resolve those issues.

  1. Firstly, it should not show too much information on the small screen in the responsive web design.

  2. Second, on the search pages, I reduce the item of the search result to only 9 items on one page. Because of too many things, the users will feel stress and do not read all of it.

  3. To easily input and easy-to-read all table form, I reduce the table from two columns to only one-column. Therefore, users can follow the order to fill the form. Also, I reorder the priority of the field.

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Divide all input form into different pages

The user can save their client information in the product. But all input forms are on one page. It will make the users feel annoyed because they don’t know when they can fill out the input forms. Therefore, I divide all input forms into three pages, and users can have a small break in 10 to 12 input forms.


Depending on devices, showing how much information to the users

It is not good that shows all of the information on a small screen. Therefore, I hide some information that is not important, but the users can still find it whilst they are looking for it. 

Prototypes Testing

I do prototypes testing to find a preferred solution and remove any potential issues.


4 Tasks each

Number of Interviewees

5 People 


30 Minutes each

What do I learn?

During the usability testing, I found out there is something I didn’t consider before. 

  • In the birthday input form, some users prefer to use type number than chose.

  • Some of the users do not put all of the client’s information into the product. They only write the essential information.

  • Sometimes the users forget the client’s name when they want to search the client information. Therefore, we have to add a more different way to search client, such as the name of the city, the type of policy, etc.

  • Click arrange can increase, not just only on the name of the client and commodity.