Redesign ZOOM for

a Learning Platform

February 2021

Integration of a poll feature to increase participation and include the audience in questions and decision making during an online lecture.


Our Earth


It was my third-year student project. Through this project, I understood the basic principle patterns of UI design.

January 2020

Insurance Support System - Redesign User Interface

December 2020

Define the current interface problems and improve the product of user experience. 

UX / Usability Testing 



“SportFit” is an App that can help people keep doing sport. It can planning personalize exercises for the user but also help the user do perfect form.

September 2020


Love Letter

Motion Design

It was my third-year student project. This is a group project.

January 2020

Insurance Broker

Support System

January 2021

Combine schedule feature and client data feature. Improve usage time and efficiency.

User Research